(even if you've tried therapy + read self-help books)

✔️ CLARIFY how stress is showing up for you today (physically + emotionally).

✔️ CONNECT to the neuroscience as to why you're stuck (so you can change faster).

✔️ CREATE new thoughts and behaviors to ReDesign Your Life.

ReDesign Your Life

6-Month Program of 1:1 Support

Based on Marcy McKay's #1 Amazon Hot New Release,

When Life Feels Like a House Fire: Transforming Your Stress

  • Aren't you tired of making the same mistakes over and over?
  • Don't you feel like “something” is hold you back?
  • Aren't you frustrated with making the changes you desperately want and need?

    • You want to be happier and more successful.
    • You know you’re capable of more.
    • You want to change the unhealthy patterns stopping you.

    ReDesign Your Life Curriculum


    Session #1: Your Stress is 100% Real

    Introducing the neuroscience behind your anxieties (the KEY behind your current struggles).

    Session #2: Let's Get Physical

    Pinpoint your physical stress symptoms keeping you stuck.

    Session #3: Emotions in Motion

    Our physical body can be changed by our emotions we experience. Explore the impact of both.

    Session #4: Stress Origins

    Tracing the root cause of your stress patterns to begin changing them.


    Session #5: Neuroscience

    Your nervous system controls the majority of your bodily functions: breathing, heartbeat, metabolism, sex drive + ALL YOUR EMOTIONS.

    Session #6: Attachment is Everything (Relationships, $, Work)

    The psychological science behind attachment styles explains you and your relationship to others, work, finances, health, play, etc.

    Session #7: Your Snapshot Moment

    Your stress patterns are often closely related to a snapshot moment, which is your root cause and where your coping strategies began.


    Session #8: Connecting the Dots

    Find the link between your top pattern focus, your snapshot moment & your attachment style(s).

    Session #9: Stress Less Action Plan

    Based on what you've learned about your patterns, create a roadmap to implement concrete changes in your life.

    Session #10: Next Steps

    Continuing on your path of change.

    Session #11: Setbacks

    Discussing on how to modify and adapt.

    Session #12: Celebration

    Final gathering to celebrate your journey and progress.



    🔑 Over 26 years of personal-development experience in the nonprofit world.

    ⏰ Over 1,000 client hours since 1996.

    ⚙️ Participated in 2 trauma-informed program for coaches over 15-month period.

    💰 Invested over $100,000 over the years for my own personal growth with leadership conferences, retreats, therapy, coaches, podcasts and self-help books. I practice what I preach.

    📚 Author of Amazon's #1 Hot New Release, When Life Feels Like a House Fire: Transforming Your Stress.

    💍 Married to the same man since 1990.

    🧸 Two 20-something kids (girl/boy). I know the struggles of being a working mom, raising teenagers and empty-nesting.

    🔥 My family had a house fire in 2017, which led to my journey of change.

    ✅  All of the above SAVED Marcy for living in a global pandemic.

    🌸 Let Marcy save you time and trouble on how to understand that your biggest struggles are actually your greatest strengths.

    Transform Your Stress. ReDesign Your Life.

    Praise for Marcy

    "It was prophetic that I began working with Marcy in February of 2020 - right before many aspects of my life came crashing down. I am not exaggerating when I say, I believe Marcy saved my life this year." - Keralee

    "I immediately clicked with Marcy's authenticity. She has done the work and that allows her to facilitate other wanting, or in my case, needing to do their own work. I'm so grateful for my time with Marcy." Andee

    "Marcy showed me I was not lost or broken. She helped me see my potential. I FEEL the difference." Natalie

    "Marcy took me from FREAKED OUT to FABULOUS!" Toni

    • ✅ 12 Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions (50 minutes each, via Zoom)
    • ✅ 10 Recorded Videos (Year Access to 12+ Hours of Material)
    • ✅ Downloadable Worksheets to Keep
    • ✅ 180 Days of Support & Implementation
    • ✅ Weekly Progress Reports
    • 🌸 BONUSES!
    • 🌸 2 Extra 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions (redeemable during 2021)
    • 🌸 Autographed Copy, "When Life Feels Like a House Fire: Transforming Your Stress"
    PAYMENT PLAN ($1,200 x 4 Times)
    • ✅ 12 Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions (50 minutes each, via Zoom)
    • ✅ 10 Recorded Videos to Watch (Year Access to 12+ Hours of Material)
    • ✅ Downloadable Worksheets to Keep
    • ✅ 180 Days of Support & Implementation
    • ✅ Weekly Progress Reports
    • 🌸 BONUSES!
    • 🌸 Autographed Copy, "When Life Feels Like a House Fire: Transforming Your Stress"

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